06 May 2007

Update (finally)!

Wow, I have a lot of pics to share here. First, the. non-knitting news. I went to go see They Might Be Giants and had a blast! I could blather on and on about it but Stoneking did a great job over at her blog (even if she did expose me in all my nerdly glory) and Bill also has a pretty sweet post. Apple has finally agreed to replace my iMac. They don't make mine anymore so I was upgraded to an Intel machine with all the same junk as my current computer (17" screen, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive, etc.). I always regretted not buying the 20" so I asked if I could upgrade and pay the diff. I can and I am. I'm also getting the better graphics card. So, my experience wasn't fun and I don't think it should have been so hard to get a replacement computer but I am so excited at the prospect of a shiny new iMac that I can't help it.

On to knitting............

I ordered those a while ago but they were on backorder. When they showed up it was a total surprise. They're pretty big; I included a penny for scale. Purchased from patternworks.

I joined the PureKnits Yarntini sock yarn club a couple of months ago and my first package arrived Friday! Included is a Yarntini self-stripe colorway called "pure breeze," a beautiful handmade bag from misocrafty, lip balm (also called pure breeze) that smells like the beach (think tanning oil and tropical drinks, not empty beer cans and sun-baked seaweed), stitch markers from Dress Up Your Knitting, a sample of Soak and Cool Socks Warm Feet. *whew* I've decided that I will finally cast on a pair of Jaywalkers but first I have some WIPs to finish up.

I just put the sleeve stitches of Rusted Root on scrap yarn! It seemed like it took forever (I swear I'm going on a diet so I can finish my knits faster!). It's actually going quite fast, I'm just being impatient. I'm excited about knitting top down, I don't have to remember what I did on one side so I can duplicate it on the other. If I have enough yarn I'll lengthen it because once it goes over my bewbs it'll be pretty short in the front. If I don't have enough yarn (or probably even if I do) I'll wear a long tank underneath.

Here's the back of the Central Park Hoodie knit in Jo Sharp Silk Road DK Tweed. I haven't been knitting it lately because I fell in love with Rusted Root.

The first sock is done for Elah's teacher. It's Online sock yarn I received from my Secret Pal 9. I actually finished this one about 6 weeks ago but never took a picture. I need to get the other one done because school is done soon. The teacher has big feet (for someone her height), this is a 72 stitch sock.

One more sock that needs a mate. This one has a short row heel and a star toe. The yarn is Lorna's Laces, gifted to me when I did Yarn Aboard.

Watch out, it's a FO! Chek me out, I'm all cammo. Simple stockinette sock with garter short row toe and heel made with Panda Cotton.
Pattern: My own.
Yarn: 2 balls, Crystal Palace Panda Cotton (they have a similar yarn coming out his fall)
Colors: Fall herbs
Needles: Inox Grey US 1 crics for the stockinette and Addi Turbo US 0 for the ribbing
Time to complete: I should just leave this tid bit off the list but I think that if I keep posting in with some lame answer then shame will make me a better note taker.
Details: I usually knit a 68 stitch sock but the Panda Cotton was so stretchy I only cast on 60 stitches. When I make socks like this again I'll add about 5 rows of garter to the shot row areas. These socks were the first time I used a sewn bind off for toe up socks. The bind off is great; it is nice and stretchy isn't tight at all.

Damn, I'd better get knitting so I can show ya'll some more.