29 July 2005

Six In One, Half A Dozen In The Other

I read a very interesting editorial in the 28 July Times Argus:

"Because of the Roe decision, states have not been allowed to ban abortions or even to restrict it except in narrowly tailored ways. If Roe were reversed, there would be a rush in many state legislatures to pass laws banning abortion. Republicans would assume the role of moral crusaders, campaigning to take rights away from women, and many women would be driven away from the Republican Party as a result. Democrats would lead the charge in defense of women's rights."

Read more here.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Is it worth giving up the right to choose to get the moral majority out of power positions? Who's to say that rights would be left up to states at all; it's possible that not only would Roe be overturned but that a federal ban would be enacted. On the other hand women of my generation have grown up with the right to choose and have come to expect it. This only breeds apathy and makes it much easier to overturn Roe without the outrage that should accompany such an action.

27 July 2005


Now I like eye candy as much as the next guy but some people are out of control with 1,800+ icons* to choose from and they're constantly searching for more at places like Pixelgirl Presents or The Iconfactory. That being said I found a hilarious set of icons at Rich's World Industries, below is a preview.

*I myself only have 1,728 icons I've downloaded.

18 July 2005

Want to read more?

In Lakoff's view, he continued, American voters are ''redneck, chain-smoking, baby-slapping Christers desperately in need of some gender-free nurturing and political counseling by organic-gardening enthusiasts from Berkeley.''

Still want more? It's here. This article from the Sunday Times Magazine, written by Matt Bai, is quite interesting. It's important to look at many of the questions raised here. Do the Democrats need a new message, new language or both? Some may say we need a message period.

15 July 2005

You Can Quote Me

Know what I love? When people litter their blogs with random disconnected quotes. I am, of course, lying. But I recently came across a quote in my wordsmith.org email that I am compelled to share.

The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions. -Robert Lynd, writer (1879-1949)

Wanna know more about him? There's not a ton out there but here are some links:
Ulster History Circle
Project Gutenberg

05 July 2005

J to the E to the S U S

This has got to be one of the weirdest albums ever...

What I Did On My Summer Vacation or Evil Orb

So my long weekend was extended by a day due to my lack of flexibility. Saturday I went to Indian Brook to go swimming with my friend, Misa. Rather than ask for help I, in my brilliance decided it would be a good idea to apply sunscreen to my back all by myself. Well, I didn't quite get all of it and 3 hours later the evil orb got the best of me.

The next day, back at Indian Brook I actually asked for help applying my sunscreen and wore a t-shirt. Wet t-shirts don't actually offer any protection but I figured it would be good when I was on the raft and the shirt was dry. My genius mind failed to realize that swimming in a t-shirt might rub the sunscreen off. Here's the result of my brilliance...

Isn't it pretty?
Today my choices included strapping a bra across my back, wearing a bathing suit to work under my clothes, letting the girls go free range or taking the day off; I consider it a vacation day well spent.

I also had some quality time with Bill, Emily, Reba and Ron on Saturday and took my daughter and her friend, Awa, to the fireworks Sunday night. Monday was a day just for Elah and me to have some good quality mom and daughter time. I was over it by Tuesday and took her to school so I could get something accomplished on my extra day off.