24 February 2005

Intarsia Update

OK, so I love my art history professor because he lets me knit in class. I'm done with the intarsia and about half done with the back piece. It's coming along and I think I will never do intarsia again...well, maybe.

20 February 2005

Mama Is A Yarn Ho

Filmmaker Thomas Florek says, "It's the inevitable convergence of knitting and hip-hop culture."

Gangsta Knitter, an independently produced short film/music video by Florek and his buddy Doug, who prefers to remain anonymous, made its national debut on August 27 at the Westcliffe Digital Film Festival in Westcliffe, Colorado.

Check it out here:

*Text taken from knit.1

13 February 2005

Intarsia Hell

So I'm I new knitter, right? 3 months and counting. I told my 4 year old that I'd make her the punk rock backpack from the first SnB but of course she didn't want the bunny or monkey face on hers - she wanted a kitty.

Using the knitter's graph paper I made I designed a kitty face for her and figured 'how hard can it be?' Anyway, it's going alright but it's definitely more challenging than I thought it would be.

My advice to other new knitters thinking about intarsia? Start with a square in another square - 2 colors, easy.