30 November 2007

To Me

H a P Bead Letter P Y
Vintage LEGO Letter B I R T H
D A Y_McElman_070718_3104 Exclamation mark

Here are some fun November facts:

  • The first x-ray image was taken by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895, the image was of his wife's hand.
  • In 1889, Louis Glass installed the first jukebox in the Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco. The original name for it was "nickel-in-the-slot".
  • In 1995, the first fully computer-generated animated film debuted--Toy Story!

28 November 2007


K and I have been very into wall decals lately.  We've been poking around the interwebs looking for cool designs like these and these.  Little did I know that there was something out there that would appeal to my most basic needs...

knitting wall decal
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26 November 2007

I don't know what to say about this so I'll just leave you the link. I can't figure out if I love or if it terrifies me.

21 November 2007


I just shared this story with a friend and now I'm sharing it with you.

Not too long I came across an old copy of Disintegration by The Cure and it made me remember being 14 in Albuquerque and my Mormon skate punk boyfriend who lived on the other side of town, 45 minutes away (I was by the mesa and he was by the mountains). He would write the lyrics to Cure songs and send them to me in the mail. I usually only got to see him at church dances (Mormons love to dance you know) and we would complain about the choice of music, C+C Music Factory, MC Hammer, NKOTB, and try to get the DJ to play "better" music like Ministry and DRI. But even when our music came on we didn't dance because it wasn't in keeping with our view of ourselves. Later we'd try to find a quiet spot (never alone, we were heavily chaperoned) where we could hold hands and talk music or school. I was a freshman and he was a junior but I was the first girl he ever kissed. I thought he was so sensitive. Last time I heard about the boy was probably 12 years ago. He'd moved to Salt Lake City and was all skinhead. It's funny how much finding that old CD made me remember.

Dear Dad

I thought this would get easier but it hasn't, it just gets different. I wish you were here every day to guide us. I miss your laugh and your smile, you sarcasm and your sweetness, your infinite patience and generosity. I dream about you when I can sleep and I think of you all day. I wish you were home right now so you could tell me that you want to cook this Thursday but you want to cook ham, not turkey and I'd show up with fresh veggies and hide your canned ones. Later you'd ask me to get you a Diet Coke and then get mad when I brought you water. And I'd sit on your lap like I was still a little girl and give you a big hug and tell you how much I love you and we'd both talk about how we should visit more often.

18 November 2007

Inky Dinky Doo

I drove down to Boston on Friday to meet Siòbhan at Darkwave on Saturday and add some shading and color to my tattoo. Remember the first trip?

2nd sitting

I didn't think it was possible but I love it even more than I did before! I was there for about 5 hours with about 3 hours of actual tattooing. The drive home is always a little hard just because I want to be home quickly but it wasn't too bad. I think one more trip to color the owl and yarn and add the blue background will finish it. Hopefully it doesn't take me another 8 years to get my next one.
Many thanks to Rhea for putting me up for the night and introducing me to some awesome pizza.


Smarty Pants

cash advance

15 November 2007

Actual Knitting

I'm off to Boston tomorrow to get some color added to my tattoo. Check flickr tomorrow to see pics I send from the phone.  In the mean time check out these FOs, lest you think I didn't actually knit any more.

One day I will get out of work before the sun sets. In the mean time you'll have to live with this.

Pattern: Koolhaas from IK Holiday 2007
Yarn: Shokay in meadow
Needles: US5, 3.75mm and US7 4.5mm

This was originally knit for my friend but I think the design is to feminine for him so it will go to my sister for Solstice. It should go with the gift I knit last year.  If you knit hat I suggest you learn to cable without a needle, it will make the job go much faster.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The details:
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Burly Spun in orange you glad, 1 skein
Stitch: seed stitch over 15 sts with the first of each row slipped
Needles: Bamboo US15, 10mm
Inspired by: This awesome knitter
Time to knit: 2 evenings

13 November 2007

EZ Knits

Did you know you can rent craft videos over at Craft? Me either. Anyway I just rented EZ's Knitting Workshop and BSJ video. You should go check it out.

12 November 2007


Originally uploaded by kitty kamikaze.

As Death Approaches

I can't believe I'm laughing!
I'd have sworn I'd be
shaking or sniveling.
And I sure didn't expect
a limousine.
I've never been in a limousine.
No biggy.
I've had better than fame.
Who needs the pressure?
As for fortune, I'm filthy.
That's why I'm laughing.
I've had so much love:
the giving, the getting.
It's shameful.
It's embarrassing.
And it's too late.
No one can take it away!
And I've had the pain
to help me appreciate it.
Thank God for the pain!
Easy for me to say
now that I'm going!
But no, seriously,
the kicks in the teeth,
the gut, the rugs
pulled out, slammed doors,
setbacks, snubs.
Without them, I'd
never have recognized
Love, bedraggled,
plain eyes shining,
happy to see me.
Do I want more?
Of course I want more!
I always want more
of everything: money, hugs,
lovemaking, art, butter,
woods, flowers, the sea,
M&Ms, chips, tops, bottoms,
trips -- I did give up drinking --
time, sure, and yes,
I'd like to see
my grandchildren,
if there are any.
I'd like to see my books
but more has never
been good for me anyway.
Enough -- that's what I've
always needed to learn,
and is there a better way?
So this laughter
I had to work up to
through so many tears,
it just keeps coming
like a fountain, a spray.
Let it light on you
refreshment, benediction,
as I'm driven away.

08 November 2007

Jeh Kulu

These are some friends of mine.  The little girls at the end telling Tabita that she doesn't know is Awa one of Elah's best friends (they're 13 days apart in age).

You can learn more about Jeh Kulu here.

Minty Fresh Feet

There are more pictures here.

Thank you, Minty! Today I popped down to the post to find a package from Minty of pepperknit.com. Inside I found a Falling Leaves sock knit with Claudia Handpainted in dark green that fits like a dream. Seriously, I've been walking around the house wearing one sock for about 2 hours.
I also found pattern notes which I greatly appreciate because I know the pattern had to be resized for my ginormous foot. I love the changes she made, especially the meandering trail of knits between the purls! And did you see that star toe? Gorgeous.
Hmmm, what else? Lovely notecards with scarf patters on them, tea, bee and flower soap (I love bee and flower) and copious amounts of chocolate.
I love everything in this little box! I have to go cast on now, I have another sock to knit.
Minty: flickr, Ravelry, blog

07 November 2007

Wolf Parade

I'm going to see Stars in Montreal on my birthday! Thank you, Reba.
I've really been digging a lot of Canadia Indie music lately and thought I'd share a little bit with you. I am especially loving Wolf Parade. Hype Machine has some links up. So stop what you're doing (reading my blog) and go there right now to check them out.

Wolf Parade
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Also in heavy rotation this week:
Happy listening!

06 November 2007


Clever Title

I finally finished the sock for my single sock swap partner! Pardon the terrible lighting, it was late and we only have about 5 minutes of sun anyway.
Pattern: Rococo Socks
Yarn: Regia Silk 4-ply
Color: 0010
Needles: US1 DPN
Time to complete: 5 days

I love the yarn, it held up well to multiple froggings and was a Child's Silk Sock, Drunken Bee and finally, a Rococo Sock. I also love the pattern and will definitely be making a pair for myself.
You're supposed to repeat the 4 row cuff pattern 3 times but I excluded the last k2, p2 row and bound off because I was running out of yarn. That little bit of yarn you see in the pic was all I had left. I knit 8 pattern repeats on the foot and the leg of the sock. I used a US5 to bind off.

I also included a GoKnit Pouch and a set of US1 rosewood DPN. I hope the sock fits and she likes everything.

I've also been doing some mobile photoblogging. I like that I can take pictures of something that I think is funny or interesting and send it to flickr via my phone. Awesome.

$5.00 Meds
Wow Papa John's is going to be my new pharmacy.

Certain Death
Biker in front of me at the natual foods store.

In tattoo news I'm getting some more in on the 17th!

02 November 2007

It's a Wrap

Originally uploaded by LABFILMLA.

A few people have asked what projects my dad worked on so here's a quick list. It's not complete but you get the idea.

HealtH (1980)
Popeye (1980)
It Rained All Night the Day I Left (1980)
Scanners (1981)
Quest for Fire (La Guerre de feu) (1981)
The Bay Boy (Un Printemps Sous la Neige) (1984)
Keeping Track (1985)
The Boy in Blue (La Race des Champions) (1986)
The Art of War (L’Art de la Guerre) (2000)
Blacktop (La Route de la peur) (2000)
Interstate 60 (2002)

TV Movies & Shows:
Louisiana (1984)
Bordertown (1989-1991)
E.N.G. (1991-1992)
Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story (1992)
Due South (1994 & 1997)
The Hunchback (1997)
Joan of Arc (1999)
Crossed Over (2002)
Riverworld (2003)
The Best Years (2007)