30 May 2008

Gotta Dollah?

Many of you know that I've signed up to ride in the VT Cares Champ Ride on June 14th. I'm writing to ask you to please sponsor me and help raise money for HIV/AIDS research. Really, any amount helps.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my donations page and learn a little more about the ride. I appreciate it.



08 May 2008

Cooking Help

I want to delve into Indian cooking and I have to admit that I'm a little overwhelmed. Can any of you reccommend a good Indian cookbook? Ideally it would be a book that did more than offered recipes to follow; I'd also like to have some sort of understanding of the cuisine.

07 May 2008

Want to Win?

The go here and enter to win one of several fab prizes.

02 May 2008

Thank You!

Thank You!

A photo thank you for Sandra who sent Elah this super cute ella-phant brooch. Go buy your own at her store!
Elah was so excited wheat a package came that wasn't for me and was actually for her. She also totally loved the ring pop inside. :)
Thanks, Sandra!