25 May 2007

Deep Fried Book

My friend Drew is doing some interesting things with books.

Deep Fried Book

Sculptor and conceptual artist John LaFalce (Buffalo, NY) and Drew Luan Matott set out to create an edition of altered books that were battered and deep fried, providing a commentary on America’s obsession with an unhealthy lifestyle, unstable foreign policy and blatant disregard for intellectualism. The deep fried books range in topic from American foreign policy, American dietary recommendations and science encyclopedia.

I'm changing the date on this post (it's from the future!!) to move it up. In the comments Drew writes that they will be at BluSeed Studio's, Saranac Lake, NY Thursday, June 21, then in Buffalo in September and back to Chicago in October.

Send 'em some books if you've got 'em.
Drew Luan Matott
Center For Book & Paper Arts
1104 S. Wabash, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60605