18 May 2007

Jeans That Fit!
An Octopus & A Jaywalker.
Emily Plays Football?

I love True Jeans! I placed my order and a couple of days later (I only think it was a couple of days because of the weekend, they're actually quite fast) received an email from customer service asking me to contact them. It turns out that an actual live person reviews your order before they fill it and ship it out. The customer service rep was concerned that the jeans I chose would fit me quite like I wanted them to and made an alternate suggestion. It wasn't an upsell scheme, the recommended jeans only cost $5 more than the ones I ordered and she took the time to explain why she was making the recommendation. I should also mention that the woman with whom I spoke was awesome! She was engaging and funny (high-larious actually) and friendly. Best of all, she knows her stuff.
That was Tuesday and my jeans arrived in VT yesterday. That's only 2 days! The best part? These jeans fit like they were made for me (midrise, snug, bootcut). I have never worn a more comfortable pair of jeans and they make me feel so good. I ordered my pair in the dark blue rinse and am totally going to order them in the nocturne rinse as well. Plus the rep. told me that they will be carrying a straight leg jean from the same company within the next couple of weeks, I'll probably order those too.

Know what else came yesterday?
My necklace from Crowded Teeth! I totally love it and am wearing it right now (with my new jeans).

I'm a cool kid!
My Jaywalker, knit in Yarntini from the pureknits sock yarn club is coming along nicely. This is a pic from Sunday, now I'm on the toe shaping for the first sock. I love the yarn, I love the pattern, I don't want to knit anything else.

No I'm not part of the starting lineup.
Rusted Root has to be frogged. The. Whole. Thing. The bust is good, not too tight, not too loose. The sleeve however are GIGANTIC. I look like I'm trying to use old winter hats for epaulets. I will cast on again with the same number of stitches but assign more of the stitches to the chest/back and less to the sleeve. Less stitches on the sleeve means it won't be quite as big and more on the chest/back means less rows before I reach the desired bust circumference so the sleeve will also be shorter.
I can't do it right now, first I need some time to grieve the loss of all that knitting.

Dang, I think that's it for my update. After I finish my first Jaywalker I am not allowed to cast on for the second until I finish my second sock for E's teacher. We'll see if I keep that deal.