22 May 2007


I completed my first Jaywalker this weekend but unfortunately I left it over at the Double R Ranch so I don't have a picture for you.

I made a deal with myself that I was not allowed to cast on for the second jaywalker until I finished the socks for E's teacher. Well I finished the second sock last night!
Pattern: Standard cuff down 72 stitch sock, heel flap, wedge toe
Yarn: Online Not So Winter
Color: 881
Source: My Secret Pal (9)
Needles: US1, aluminum
Time to complete: The first sock took about 6 weeks; the second sock took about 4 days.

Here are some gratuitous sock shots:
The toe

I also just cast on Monica for E; she is super excited. I'm changing it a bit by knitting in the round so I don't have to purl.

Guess what time it is?
Lilac time! The best two days of spring. OK I may be exaggerating but they're not around for long and they feel especially special this year.

One last thing. Go. See. Covet.