29 March 2006

Guess What I Got Today


Yarn Harlot

Knitting Rules!

Color Harmony Workbook

Jealous? You should be.

Scarred For Life

Are you serious? I want to gouge my own eyes out with any semi-sharp instrument I can find.


Thanks (?!) to K for bringing this to my attention.

24 March 2006

23 March 2006

Bad Idea

I'm just gonna put this out there now. Please never buy a gift for Elah from this store.

via engrish.com

20 March 2006

It Was This Big, I Swear

Adrian over at Hello Yarn has posted a tutorial to make your own yardage counter. It's pretty cool and were I more inclined to build junk I might do it. An alternative for those as lazy as me? A two by four with two nails three feet apart, evey loop around your homemade counter is two yards. Enjoy!

18 March 2006

Women in history

Noelle over at hedgeblog has been pitting up some women in history posts. They're great posts to read if you have a couple of extra minutes.

17 March 2006

Boy's Don't Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

I'd like to kick Dorothy Parker - she's the person who came up with this saying back in 1925. Glasses are not the signature of a homely, nerdy, uptight girl whose only goal in life is to file library cards. Glasses are sophisticated, sweet, sexy, stylish and simply superb. The girls who wear them may be smart, but that doesn't mean they're boring prudes. Glasses have just gotten a bad reputation, and for no good reason.


14 March 2006

For Anita

This was originally posted by AlexC over at Candleblog.

Happy π day!

True story: This morning I found myself humming the pi song. It was only an hour or so later that my friendly neighborhood NPR announcer reminded me today's the day. (I probably noticed the date and it rattled around in my skull until hitting the pi song node.)

Don't miss the pi drop!

12 March 2006


Eunny has started a series called "Majoring in Lace" on her blog. It's like a FAQ of lace knitting, the everything you always wanted to know but didn't know who to ask. Even if you're not terribly interested in lace knitting, I encourage you to go see what she's saying, it very interesting and there are deffinately tips and ideas you can apply to you worsted or bulky knitting.

I Love Nerds


I Also Love The Interwebs

If you haven't seen this then you're not full apprecaiting the capablities of your computer.

05 March 2006

I Wish They All Could Be...

Could be what? Certainly not California girls, maybe just gone would be nice.
I don't even know what to say except curse you S for emailing this to me.

03 March 2006

Is it bad that this:

"The King is back in all his brilliance to keep the Prince and his cousins continuously rolling as you take the adventure on the road with your PSP. The royal family, taking a break from their celestial construction, find themselves on vacation on their very own sunny island when the Prince finds himself cast with the responsibility of creating islands of katamari for homeless animals. Play as the Prince or any of his returning and new PSP exclusive cousins as you roll up new objects in all new levels. Take on friends in wireless play as you roll up as many objects as possible! Enjoy the fun and quirkiness in an all-new installment for its first ever foray into the handheld world."

makes me want to buy a PSP?

UPDATE: I added the link I forgot the first time around. D'oh!