18 December 2008

Happy Holidays!

One Day from Brighter Planet

As a gift to you this season, I'd like to offer you one day of carbon neutrality. If you claim this gift, Brighter Planet will donate 136 pounds of carbon offsets in your name. These offsets help fund renewable energy projects and are an important part of fighting climate change. All that is asked in return is that you consider conserving where you can during the holidays. For conservation recommendations take a look at: http://blog.brighterplanet.com/2008/12/03/top-12-conservation-tips-for-the-holidays/

Once you claim your free gift, you'll be able to pay it forward to your friends, family and colleagues.

Best wishes!

16 December 2008

Cowl Love

Seriously, I know you've seen cowl all over the place. I am officially declaring this the year of the cowl.

Well I am a girl who loves a fast knit so I whipped up a couple myself.


Pattern: Col GC Ravelry Google Docs
Yarn: Lion Brand Thick & Quick
Needles: 10.5 US, 6.5mm

Knit in one day for the Yankee swap at work.

Cowl Love

Pattern: Col GC Ravelry Google Docs
Yarn: Lion Brand Thick & Quick
Needles: US11, 8mm
Modifications: Moved up in needle size to a US11 from a US10.5. Knit in the round instead of flat. Cast on 70 sts instead of 86.

I realized I will not have the Loop Shawl done for Solstice this weekend so I will give it to my stepmom for her birthday in February. Now she'll be getting a cowl for Solstice.

Only one more knit to finish before we open presents on Saturday...

07 December 2008



I was excited when I woke up this morning to find it snowing. It been bitter cole lately with strong wind, the worst kind of winter weather. Unfortunately it only snowed a little, is still bitter cold and windy and now the roads are icy to boot.