29 June 2006

Sorry, Charlie

So the frog has been my favorite animal for many years, with the octopus coming in a very close second.

The frog just got replaced.

Thank You

That is my first package from my Secret Pal. I actually got received the package Friday but had a crazy busy weekend (which consisted mostly of getting a ridiculous sunburn) and then was out of town for two days for the President's Council retreat (I could wax poetic about the leadership in this college but I'll spare you). Long story short it's taken me almost a week to properly thank my secret pal. So, without further ado...


What you see above is a notecard with a frog on the front and a handwritten note on the inside. Two single pot bags of coffee from Paul deLima, a roaster local to my SP, both fair trade. A bag of Honey Acres Honey Gummies. Two skeins of Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima Colori yarn; a self-patterning sock yarn, 75% superwash, 25% nylon. And, last but not least, an assortment of three items from Stonewall Kitchen, grapefruit thyme hand lotion and bar soap and rosemary lime antibacterial hand gel. To top it all off my SP wrapped my gifts is orange tissue paper, my favorite color. Thank you again, SP.

Speaking of sock yarn...I couldn't wait to try the Fortissima. I cast on a pair of socks for Elah on Sunday evening, observe some progress.

23 June 2006

Girl Who Has Casual Sex

Maybe because it's Friday and I'm exhausted but I thought this was hilarious.

21 June 2006

Websites as Graphs

So I was over at MDK today and saw a link to this site. I thought I'd pop over to see what my little ol' blog looked like when rendered as a graph. Watch out, it's addicting. Before I knew it I was typing in blog addresses I often visit just to be mesmerized by the beautiful unfurling of the graph. This is one of the many reasons I love nerds.

blue: links (a tags)
red: tables (table, tr, td tags)
green: divs
violet: images (img tags)
yellow: forms (form, input, textarea, select, option tags)
orange: block formatting (br, p, blockquote tags)
black: root (html tag)
gray: all other tags

source site
source site
source site
source site
source site
source site
source site
source site
source site

Enough of that. You can see what other people have done here.

Knitter's Word.A.Day

This week's theme: professions that exist mainly as surnames.

mercer (MUR-suhr) noun

A dealer in textiles, especially silk and other fine materials.

[From Old French mercier (trader), from Latin merx (goods). Words such as market, merchant, commerce, and mercantile share the same origin.]

Then there is mercerization. To mercerize is to treat cotton thread or fabric with caustic soda to enhance its strength and luster, and to increase its affinity for dyes. The word is an eponym, coined after the calico printer John Mercer (1791-1866) who patented it in 1850.

And calico -- a kind of cotton cloth printed with a pattern -- is a toponym, coined after the city of Calicut in India. The city is now known as Kozhikode.

20 June 2006


The knitting blogosphere has been pretty quite lately. I chalk it up to summer time; we're all spending more time outside and less time in front of the computer, plus those of us with children have kids who are home more and need to be shuttled around from a friend's house to summer camp to driving you crazy.

The bonus of summer? Items you block dry in about 3 seconds because it's 90° in your house and all the fans are on.

It's the Baby's First Tattoo sweater from SnB Nation. When I knit the first one I used intarsia for the swallows but I am going to sew the skulls on this one. Now all I have to do it sew it together (and the first one I knit). I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend. By the way I decided to use a bulletin board because with a 5-year-old, a 20-year-old and 2 cats in my house I have very little safe horizontal space. I got the board for free by posting a message to my local freecycle board.

15 June 2006


Savais-tu que ça prend trois moutons pour faire un cardigan?

14 June 2006


Je ne savais même pas qu'ils pouvaient tricoter.

09 June 2006


I made a knitting iMix here: iTMS link. Hope you like it.

03 June 2006

Sooo, it's not often that I partake in the online quiz but I couldn't resist the pictures for this one. Don't worry, the indulgence will pass.

What type of Fae are you?

02 June 2006

Spin Out & Win!

Those of you familiar with january one have surely heard about the but for those of you who don't spend as much time in front of a computer as I do...

In conjunction with Spin Out 2006, january one is holding a contest. For every $10 you donate to Heifer International you will be entered into the prize drawing once. Not only is this a great cause but there is the possibility of winning wonderful fibery goodness - it's win/win. The registry is here and more information about prizes can be found at january one.