27 September 2007

Green & Cute


Just ordered, I've very excited (maybe more than I should be).
Link. These others are also really cute and slightly less expensive.

Now I just need to remember them when I go to the grocery store.

PS In totally random news I want to go to Iceland.


I've changed the original Sheep & Wool Hat directions and updated the pdf.

The new directions instruct the knitter to knit the plain stockinette hem with a needle one size smaller than that used for the main body of the hat.

25 September 2007

New Pattern - Sheep & Wool Hat

Remember this hat?

Well I did a little reverse engineering (un-venting as EZ would say) and wrote up a quick pattern. Here's my version.
Sheep & Wool Hat

And here's the pattern. This is my first time ever attempting to write a pattern so please let me know if the directions aren't clear.

Update: I've added another post to keep track of errata.

24 September 2007

Some Clever Title

<political blogging>
I tend to keep things on this blog pretty fibercentric but every once in awhile I run across a story that just can't be ignored. Please go over to Alas, A Blog and read about Pfc. LaVena Johnson, her suspicious death and the Army's atrocious mishandling of the subsequent investigation.
</political blogging>

For those of you who are all fiber all the time fear not, I've finished reverse engineering the hat I tried on a Sheep & Wool and should have a pattern written up within the next couple of days. I've also been experimenting with some double knitting and picked up CPH again!

In family news, even though Elah was a half an hour late for her own birthday party, she had a blast. Pictures over at flickr

19 September 2007


Avast ye mateys, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Enjoy the internet frivolity.

Oh, Stoneking, this is for you.

18 September 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Right now, seven years ago I was in labor. Elah was born at 3:26 in the afternoon, a Virgo like my mom (hello karma), totally aware, wide-eyed. I remember sobbing because I was so overwhelmed by the love I felt. I feel really lucky to have her in my life; she's sweet and funny, kind and hilarious. Happy 7th birthday, baby.

16 September 2007

Mac or PC?

It's a beautiful day, stop blog hopping and get outside! When you come back in watch this.

14 September 2007

I Have A New Hero

Practical Polly is my new knitting hero. Seriously, go check her out.

13 September 2007



Squee! This is so damn cute I want to leave work right now and cast on!

12 September 2007

November 40th

My birthday's mere months away, need some cake ideas?

Eclectic 2

Who Am I?
Things last.fm has taught me:
1) I listen to a lot of music
2) I'm surprised I have a high incommon rating with anyone OR I'm surprised I don't have a high in common rating with everyone.

10 September 2007

Good Causes

G, Reba and I went on a 5k walk this past Saturday to raise money for the Laura Kate Winterbottom Memorial Fund. Proceeds went to fund projects that benefit victims of rape and violence; you can read more about the fund by following the link. Reba was on the news too (bonus).

I want to thank everyone who sponsored us. Violence against women is scary and all too common; I'm happy to think the we made a small difference in someone's life while honoring the memory of another. Really, thank you.

In other good cause news, Carla, my old secret pal is looking for some generous people to sponsor her in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. Not only do you get to feel good about donating your money to a worthy cause, you get the added bonus of being entered into her blog competition. Go check it out, you'll be glad you did.

And finally, for those of you who only come for the pretty pictures (yeah I know you're out there).

09 September 2007

VT Sheep & Wool '07 - Updated!

VT Sheep & Wool '07

Sheep & Wool was rainy, just like last year, and it seemed smaller but we had a blast! I went on Sunday with (blogless) Reba and the Other Emily. While we were there was saw Pippi Knee Socks and Spunky Eclectic but like a dork I forgot to pull out my camera.

Check out the rest of my pics at flickr (click the image above).

*Update - Here are some other S&W posts:
Norma Knits (she got a picture of Spunky Eclectic and Pippi Knee Socks
Rhymes with Mango now with pictures!
Ariadne on Saturday and Sunday


Seriously, could the artists in my weekly chart be less related? I love last.fm.

07 September 2007

This Weekend

This weekend is going to be busy!
Tonight I have dinner plans with friends and then I've set aside some time to do homework. But I may skip the homework to go check out some friends that have work in the Art Hop.
Saturday some friends and I are doing a 5k after which I have swimming plans and then Bill's birthday celebration later in the evening.
Sunday I plan to go to VT Sheep & Wool and we have our S 'n B from 2:30-4:00 but I'm thinking I may skip it this week and just go to Sheep & Wool so I have some time to do actual homework in the afternoon.
Oh, and I just remembered that at some point on Saturday I'm supposed to do some painting at Elah's school.
*whew* I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

06 September 2007

Label Whore - Updated!

Lable Whore
Originally uploaded by e_to_the_m.

I created 4 labels for my Sock It To Me pal's socks. I really love little Luca Pumpkin Head's nose at the bottom but in the end I chose the label with the sheep laying down.


There were some questions about how I made the label for my swap partner’s socks so I thought I’d type up a quick tutorial. I’ve seen other sock bands around and I know I saw a tutorial at some point but I couldn’t find it again so I decided to wing it. If anything is not clear please email me at the address below.
I created the label in Photoshop.

1. Open some pictures you think you might want to use as the background image.
2. Using the crop tool set to 3” x 10” (I chose a resolution of 300), crop the section of the image you want to use.
3. Create a new layer.
4. Using the shape tool draw a rectangle, no border, white fill. Position the rectangle on your label. Change the opacity of the rectangle’s layer to 45%.
5. Create a new layer.
6. Draw a text box and add any information you’d like.
7. Print on photo paper (or some other heavy stock), cut and wrap.

Note: If you like to print more than one label at a time and/or save some paper follow these instructions instead.
Follow steps 1-6 as above.
7. Flatten image, select all and copy.
8. Create a new document, 10” x 8” (make sure the resolution of the new document matches the resolution you chose when you cropped in step 2).
9. Paste into a new layer and place accordingly.
10. Repeat steps 7 (if using a different label) & 9 two more times.
11. Flatten image.
12. Print on photo paper (or some other heavy stock), cut and wrap.

Helpful tips:

  • I save the label as a .psd document before I flatten it. That way if I inadvertently cock something up I can always open my original document and change the background image or text or reprint.
  • To get you started, you can download a copy of the lamb label in . psd format. (7.4 MB)
  • If something is unclear shoot me an email at knit.nerd [AT] gmail [DOT] com.
Update 2

There's a new download link. The lamb label and a few others can now be found here (in .psd format). If you need one in a different format just shoot me an email.

04 September 2007

Embroidery & Tutorals

Elah had a great first day of school today. It was so nice to go back to this warm, welcoming cmmunity of parents and teachers. Yes, it's expensive and yes, being a parent/teacher cooperative means a lot of additional work on my part. But Elah thrives there and I know it's the right place for her. This may be the last year we can send her there but I feel very grateful that she was able to have 3 years; it's a good start.

On a crafty note, her shirt was a hit! I'm still working on embroidery practice projects...observe:

I've received a couple of emails from people looking for some online embroidery resources so here you go.
Needle 'N Thread has online videos! (think knittinghelp.com)
Crafty Daisies is holding a free online embroidery class.
Needle Crafter has a ton of free vintage patterns.

Have fun and if you have any questions shoot me an email or leave a comment.

PS In knitting news I've finished designing my first pair of socks. The pattern should be forthcoming.

Photoshop Fun

Action Fun
Originally uploaded by e_to_the_m.

Having fun with Photoshop actions. Here are some before and after shots. (Of course they all look better big.)

1. Skulls - Original, 2. Hydrant - Original, 3. Elah - Original, 4. Skulls - Lomo, 5. Hydrant on Acid., 6. Foxy Elah, 7. Emily & Gertie - Original, 8. Laura and Harper - Original, 9. Reba - Original, 10. Emily & Gertie - Golden, 11. Laura and Harper - Professional Retro, 12. Reba - Golden

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

03 September 2007

Our Biggest S'nB Yet!

Our Sunday Stitch 'n Bitch (or knit and natter or whatever you want to call it) was the biggest yet with 9 people. If we get much bigger we won't fit in Viva Espresso. We had a couple of new comer who heard about us via facebook and one out of town guest. Much fun was had by all.

SnB 1