24 July 2008

Pantone Set

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This is such a great idea. I can't wait to see more.


Say What?

Text cloud of my blog made over at wordle.

21 July 2008

Free Mittens!

Want a free mitten pattern?

Want to knit something for someone this coming fall that will keep them warm?
Obviously you do because you're a knitter and you rock.

The pattern is here.

Aapplemint: Beat the Heat ....

Aapplemint: Beat the Heat ....
I so want a giant glass of that tea right now.

Koolhaas Luke

I bet you didn't think I knit anymore. Well I do but it's summer so I've been a slacker when it come to blogging. As always you can find me at Ravelry if you're really missing me. But don't give up on me yet...Look, an FO!


Pattern: Koolhaas
Yarn: Shokay Shambala
Color: Earth
Needles: US 6 & US 8
Time to knit: 17 days
Ravelry link

I love this hat. I made one for my sister this past Solstice and have been hanging on to the yarn to make one for myself. It waaay to hot to wear it yet but I'll be nice and snug come winter.

14 July 2008


I could help myself, this is on its way to me.

And I am totally coveting one of these.