31 January 2005

So, no homework this weekend but I did make a super cute bag. And really, what's more important? I followed the Meema's Marsupial pattern in the first SnB but used Cascade 220 so my finished product is handbag sized. I must say I'm quite pleased with myself. Thank you Emily and Ami for the needles and thank you Reba for the tutorial.

18 January 2005

Queen of the Knerds

So, mostly I'm avoiding homework and web site updating I need to do but...
At our last SnB Emily was talking about how your pattern will come out looking different if you plan on regular graph paper because stitches aren't square. I had some trouble finding knitter's graph paper so I found a picture of some on line, estimated that the ratio is about 1.5:1 and made some of my own damn graph paper! Any way, I made 2 sizes in Excel and also made them available in PDF for anyone who doesn't have Office. I also threw up a knitting icon I found online. Any who, here's where you go:

17 January 2005

Say What??

So I've jumped off the cliff like so many lemmings (lemmings don't actually jump off cliffs, this is a bunk science myth, but you get the point) and started my own blog. Who the hell wants to read what I've written? Well you, for one, since you're sitting there right now - most likely wasting time in front of the computer to avoid what you should be doing (homework, housework, calling your Aunt Mabel in Detroit).