29 August 2007

I'm a bad blogger.

First the good news: I'm all better! That's really it, there's no bad news.
It's been a long time since I last posted and even longer since I replied to anyone's comments. I do still have all of your emails and I will reply soon.

I didn't really knit all that much while I was sick but I have been trying to work on a sock pattern for the Summer of Socks. Here's my test sock. I didn't end up going with any of these patterns.
Click the pick to go to flickr and see all the patterns.
I really like the top pattern but I think it's too much like the snicket socks to be original.
I did eventually settle on a pattern and am in the process of test knitting and charting now.

I also received my package from my last.fm/ravelry swap partner.
The package is awesome! It contained a CD, a card, some beads (not pictured) and a beautiful skein of Cider Moon yarn in Hocus Crocus. I've been wanting to try Cider Moon and I adore the colors.

Here's the playlist from the CD.
This is the second time I've done a simple package and one skein swap ad I love it!

Also in pre-sickness knitting I made a pair of Saartje's Bootees for a woman at work who's expecting.
The yarn is left over from the Bloody Mary socks I knit for my Sock It To Me pal.

What else?

Oh, I've picked up my hoop again for the frist time in about 15 years.
My first practice project.

A shirt I made for Elah's first day of school. She'll be in 2nd grade this year (!) which at her school makes her a Tau. It's a big deal, for the first 2 years she was in the same classroom so this is her first big change in awhile. She loves the shirt and when I gave it to her she gave me a huge hug and told me that she thought she'd cry. Only I could have a child who gets verklempt.

*whew* OK, that's it for now. Sorry it took so long Stoneking and Jess.

23 August 2007

Getting Better

Click to see it big.

I've been sick for a week and I'm going crazy. I haven't read any of my blogs, I haven't even knit! I have done a little embroidery though, pics will follow soon. The good news is that I'm on the mend! And today marks 6 months being smoke free.

16 August 2007

Thank Goodness!

Via Blatantly taken from Candleblog.

Knitting blogger, archaeologist and friend of Candleblog, Dearest Cupcake, is in Ayacucho, Peru this month doing some sort of smarty-pants work associated with her dissertation that I don't understand but that sounds fascinating. Yesterday, an 8.0 earthquake hit the Lima area, killing a bunch of people and wounding many more. Fortunately, our cupcake was unharmed in the event. There was a brief flurry of concerned emails and blog comments last night, but this morning friends got the word from Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake (her parents) that she's a-okay. Whew! We anxiously await her next post from the area.

*Update Reba left me a message and said that Amy's mom and dad haven't heard from her since the afterschocker last night so they're hoping Amy is still OK.

**Update #2 Dearest Cupcake is indeed safe and even managed to post on her blog.

15 August 2007

Holy Crap, This Is So Mean (and hilarious).

My Neighbor

Originally uploaded by Angry Angel.

This is awesome and the pattern is here.

I'm super busy at work because we've started fall registration. I have a finished pair of socks to post but I don't think I'll be blogging very much over the next couple of weeks.

09 August 2007

It's not summer until I've made sweet tea.
Mmmmmmm, minty.

Today was a perfect day, mid 70s, sunny, clear, light breeze...I was sad to be in an office today.
IMG_1464.jpg IMG_1466.jpg
The heat broke and of course I promptly turned on the oven to make a cherry and nectarine Clafoutis and scones.

I also finished the first sock for my Sock It To Me pal. I hope she likes them because I kind of don't want to send them. The pattern is Bloody Mary (every time I think the name of the sock I think it in a spooky voice) and the yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot.

03 August 2007

Day of Packages!

Thank You
My Yarn in a Tea Cup package arrived from Jessica today. I love everything in here, thank you Jessica!
The package contained 2 skeins of Caudia's Hand Painted, a delicious cookie covered with chocolate and a beautiful mug. I really love the mug, it fits in my hand perfectly, I'm super excited to try the yarn, and believe it or not, I haven't eaten the cookie!

Leyburn socks in progress along with the beautiful socks blockers I just received from Chappy's. The yarn is some Koigu I've had in the stash for years.

These stitch markers also came with my sock blockers, what a pleasant surprise.

02 August 2007

Bling, I'm a Knitty Cat

I know it's a lame title but I couldn't help it...

Beautiful hand crocheted jewelry. Info and pic via Bene.