28 June 2005

I'm A Rasterbator...

Two nights ago I discoveredrasterbation and I'm hooked.

The Rasterbator is a means by which you upload an image and it is rasterized, made potentially huge (up to 20 meters) and sent back to you as a pdf. I am obsessed and flooded with ideas. My initial test project was a picture of my daughter for my office wall, observe.

I've found some other rasterbaters as well including this HUGE project and thissweet stand alone, given that your chosen platform works.

21 June 2005

Genomic Dub Collective

I love nerds! Meet the Genomic Dub Collective and blending of reggae and science.

To give birth to a new musical genre, Genomic Dub, that:

  • engages the interest, quickens the pulse and hi-jacks the brain of the listener.
  • encodes biological sequence data into dub music.
  • celebrates the achievements of science, particularly in the field of genomics.
  • celebrates the lives and works of scientists engaged in biomedical science.
  • highlights the common threads that link current scientific and social issues with the past, with a particular emphasis on the lives and works of Erasmus and Charles Darwin, Haile Selassie (Ras Tafari) and their contemporaries.
  • explores the interface between science and society.
  • brings an appreciation of science to a wider public.
  • brings an appreciation of reggae and of Jamaican history and culture to a scientific audience.


I love Apple. Let me tell you why. As you know my power supply in my iMac G5 died. The good folks at Apple told me that they'd send me a replacement part (which happened to be< customer installable) and it arrived the next day! The power supply consisted of 3 screws and 1 plug; I swapped it out in about 10 minutes. I am so happy to have my computer back!

16 June 2005

Help, Computer...

So my iMac G5 died, hence my recent silence. It just started randomly shutting down, sometimes 20 minutes after I started it, sometimes before I even hit the grey screen. After trying the internal power button, resetting the SMU and the PRAM and anything else I and Apple could think of we determined that I need a new power supply. The bad news is that it looks like I am not alone in my experience. The good news is that my iMac did not melt and that the new power supply should be here by Monday. In the mean time I have to schedule extra time at work so I can do my homework.

02 June 2005


A woman in my office just had her second son. I immediately used the opportunity as an excuse to make another knitted card, using some Noro Lily yarn I got on sale at Northeast Fiber Arts in Williston. I'm addicted to them.

His name is pronounced Zavier, not Ex-avier.


At Urban Dictionary stormdancer defines a "Hollaback Girl" as such:

It seems as though Ms. Stefani has had some incidents in which another young, presumably female, individual has made some disparaging remarks about her character. Upon learning of the situation, Ms. Stefani is informing this “culprit” that she intends to handle this matter physically. Ms. Stefani’s character is such that she is not the type of person who counters verbal attacks with verbal attacks, or “hollering back.” Using terminology that is commonplace among today’s youth, this is shortened to “hollaback.” Additionally, it appears as though this altercation will take place somewhere near the bleachers.

I Should Be Working

So I’ve become totally enamored of podcasting. I’d poked around in the podcast universe a bit but didn’t really put much effort into finding casts I was interested until Bill and company started doing the Friday Coffeeblog at Radio Bean.

You can find anything and everything in podcast format. I recently found an unofficial tour/walking guide for the MOMA done by Art Mobs. While it’s best to actually be at the museum while listening, it’s still fun to listen to when you’re in VT or wherever you hang your hat. It makes me miss NYC, maybe it’s time for a summer road trip.I also found a flash back in the form of a podcast. I remember my good ol’ nerd insomniac days, listening in to Art Bell talk about aliens, remote viewing and chupacabra. Well now the show is hosted by George Noory and is available via podcast so I can take my ass to bed at a decent hour.Note to self: try not to be so link happy, it’s annoying.