29 June 2007

Happy iPhone Day

Yes it's true that I chnage cell phones more than any person I know but I will not be getting an iPhone. There are a few reasons for this but the most important are:

  1. There's not Cingular up here and they piggyback on the towers of Uni-Suck so the coverage isn't great.
  2. I already bought a first gen. product and I do not want to go through that again.
  3. I have an awesome phone and a brand spankin' new iPod so what's the point.
  4. 8GB? Are you serious? Listen carefully--SIZE MATTERS.

Any who, in the mean time here's some Apple trivia.

  • Apple was formed on April Fool's Day in 1976. Although most of us have heard of Apple's two well-known founders - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak - fewer have heard of the third. His name was Ron Wayne, and he wasn't as convinced of the company's success. That's why, only a few weeks later, he sold his 10 percent stake in Apple for $800. The company's market value just passed $100 billion last month, so we'll let you calculate for yourself how much money he missed out on. Go ahead, we'll wait.

  • The Apple II was a huge success in 1977, as was the Macintosh in 1984, but the period in between was difficult for the company. In 1980, the Apple III premiered to lukewarm response, which led the company to refocus its efforts on supporting and improving the Apple II line. The Apple Lisa in 1983 was a huge step forward, as the first personal computer to offer a GUI (graphical user interface) to users. The reason for its demise had to do with one particular factor: its $9,995 price tag.

  • Apple has had to face the business world with a brash sense of humor in order to maintain their chunk of market share over the years. Concerned with the use of its "brand name," Apple Records signed an agreement with Jobs and Wozniak in 1981 to allow them to use the name "Apple" as long as they steered clear of the music world. Not surprisingly, it was only five years before Apple Computer found it necessary to include music capabilities in its models, and the Apple IIgs (1986) was the first. The record company went through with its threat of litigation in 1989. Apple Computer responded in true smart-aleck geek fashion: programmers of the then-new System 7 renamed the "xylophone" sound to what they said was a Japanese word: "sosumi." The resulting settlement was reportedly in the neighborhood of $25 million.

  • There's more to the Apple Records/Apple Computer connection. In February 1968, the Beatles headed to India to study transcendental meditation under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That May, they officially started their own label, Apple Records. Similarly, Steve Jobs took a job at Atari in 1974 and used the money to finance a trip to India in his own search for spiritual enlightenment. When he returned to the States, Steve Wozniak invited Jobs to join the Homebrew Computer Club, forming the roots of what would become Apple. But in a twist, it was Woz who viewed personal computers as a hobby, and the "enlightened" Jobs who determined that there was money to be made in marketing them.

28 June 2007

Hello Sock


I'm almost done with my first Cable Twist sock (closer than this pattern implies). I should be done already but things like parenting and work and sleep keep getting in the way.
Anywho, I want to reverse the stitch pattern on the second sock so the two are mirror images of each other so I spent my lunch hour swatching. Here's what I came up with (I tried to write it up just like the original pattern):

To reverse the stitch for the second sock:
Row 1: *K2, K1 tbl, RT, P2* repeat around
Row 2 and all even rows: *K5, P2* around
Row 3: *K1, K1 tbl, RT, K1, P2* repeat around
Row 5: *K1 tbl, RT, K2, P2* repeat around
Row 7: *RT, K3, P2* repeat around
Row 8: as for row 2
Repeat these 8 rows for pattern

Right Twist (RT) as follows: Slip second stitch from the left hand needle to the right hand needle as if to purl. Without slipping the stitch off the needle, knit the first stitch, allowing the second stitch to drop off left hand needle.

*(This can done with a cable needle by slipping the first stitch onto the cable needle and holding it to the back of the work. Then slip the next stitch as if to purl and knit the stitch on the cable needle through the back loop.)

*Edit I changed the position of the K1 tbl after some testing. I like it better when it comes before the slipped stitch.

I'm in my office fuming about a woman who think's it's appropriate to let your kid lay in the middle of the floor and scream, so loud it makes my bewbs hurt, while she waits for her appointment. I am also being particularly judgey.

Then I come across this:

Don't be yourself. Be someone a little nicer. -Mignon McLaughlin,
journalist and author (1913-1983)

Touché, interwebs, touché.

27 June 2007

Don't Blame Me...

The real story underlying the victim-blaming that Dan Riehl and others are engaging in is that these crimes where men kill their pregnant wives and lovers all have one thing in common: Men who feel entitled to kill a woman whose body is doing something out of their control. Period. Victim-blaming is an attempt to cover up that one fact and all the implications it has for how male dominance and all its attendant dangers have got to go.
Read more if you'd like to get pissed too.

26 June 2007

More Dyeing


Last night Elah and I overdyed some Lamb's Pride bulky (oatmeal) we had. I used a ratio of 3 parts blue to 1 part red.
The plan is to use it, and some Gedifra Donatella we'll dye green tonight, to make a dog sweater for E's gram's new dog.

Here's the same yarn in the late afternoon light; this is more accurate:
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride

25 June 2007


I set out to dye the yarn I couldn't find for the Marigold socks. I was a little nervous having only ever dyed with Kool-Aid before but I figured that I could always overdye any disaster with dark blue. I started with some Knit Picks bare, some acid dye, directions from Adrian and a dream. My whole apartment smells like wet wool and silk but it was totally worth it. I love this yarn!

My Marigold Yarn

You can see more of the process here.
The quick and dirty:

  • 1 tsp of yellow sun
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 190° for 20-ish minutes
  • a drizzle of a strong (only dye and vinegar) burnt orange solution
  • a few more minutes
  • a cool down period
  • a couple of rinses
  • time to dry

Life Lessons

What goes up...
What goes up...

Must come down...
Must come down...

But it can always be rebuilt.
But don't worry...

24 June 2007


This site is brilliant.

Dudes Love The Nail Salon

Case in point:

We got our nails done on Friday, a special occasion since it was Elah's first manicure.
Who us?
She picked her own colors and everything.

In actual knitting news, I am about to embark on a dyeing expedition.
I'll be using the dyes and yarn (and dye kit from hello yarn) to make my own colorway for the Marigold Socks. Wish me luck!

Also, a coworker had a sweater at work hat I love. Very simple but with an interesting
stitch pattern in a couple of places. I took a pic because I wanted to look at the stictches but unfortunately, I am not good and discerning such info from a picture.
Anyone know what's going on here? You can see the whole sweater here.

I'm trucking right along on the Cable Twist socks and should will have a picture later, after I take the time to pull it off my camera. Maybe I'll even have some yarn to show you.

22 June 2007

What Up?

It's too late for me to come up with clever post titles.
Thursday I was at day one of the annual VASFAA conference. I know it doesn't sound very exciting to most of you but I was really engaged by one of the presenters, Mark Greenfield (from the University at Buffalo). He has some very interesting ideas about technology, millennial students and how that technology can be used to advance the business of higher education and serve the needs of our students. Parts of what he said reminded me of Pam Cox-Otto. Needles to say Greefield got me all fired up and I was texting people to tell them about it before I even left the first presentation.

The conference was held at Killington and it was beautiful. Some people from our office stayed over night to attend day two and while the "DJ and dance lessons" at 7:30 didn't sound like my cup of tea, I would have loved to stay. Next year.

Here's a picture of the mountain from the parking lot of the hotel.

Click to make it bigger.

On the way home I stopped just outside Bethel to go here:

And ordered some ice cream (real ice cream, not soft serve).
I wonder what's in a clam boat...

I thought about stopping at the Sap Shack...

for some maple syrup...
but I thought better of it.

When I go home I found this in my mail box!

It's the yarn I ordered from The Knittery!
The Knittery merino/cashmere sock yarn
It's a cashmere, merino, nylon blend originally intended for Nancy Bush's Bed Socks but I'm having second thoughts about the pattern. We'll see what happens.

The Cable Twist socks are coming along nicely and I should have an update for you this weekend as well as a hillarious photo we took at Excellent Nails by Trang.

21 June 2007

Summer of Socks Begins


Happy Summer of Socks 2007! I cast on Adrian's Cable Twist Sock.

I was at a conference in Killington all day today. I took some pictures of the mountain and stopped on my way home to take a few pictures. I'll post about it tomorrow.

20 June 2007

1 down, 1 to go

As promised, here are some pics of the first finished Sidewinder.




Originally uploaded by Atila.

Go check out these pics. They are totally frivolous and very fun.

On another but related note, this photo essay is utterly fascinating.

Tuesday Was a Good Day

I took Tuesday off to hang with my family. It was bloody hot outside but we had a good time. Elah and I went out to breakfast and then ran to the grocery store. Next we went to the park and Grayson came along. We don't see him nearly enough; he's sleeping when we get up in the morning, gone by the time we get home and we're in bed buy the time he gets home at night. He leaves for UNCG on August 14 so I've been trying to spend time with him as often as I can.


We ran into my mom at the playground because she was doing a plumbing job at the school and my step mom who was dropping my mom off after lunch so we had a little impromptu family gathering. Playing at the park when it's so hot works up a sweat so we stopped by the corner store to grab a bag of ice and went home to enjoy some iced Red Zinger tea.

Next Elah and I went through all our clothes and ended up with 3 kitchen trash bags and a large box of clothes we took to Salvation Army. Elah normally doesn't like to part with anything whether it's broken or doesn't fit or whatever but she did a great job. Later she told me she was trying to be generous.

For dinner I grilled chicken marinated in lemon juice, oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper. I also grilled corn on the cob and made potato salad. Elah helped me prepare the food and we pretended we were on our own show on Food Network. For dessert I made a peach galette.

Finally, after dinner and after Elah was in bed I got some time to knit. This picture is from Tuesday morning.

1st Sidewinder, fillet

The first sock is now done and I brought my camera to work today to take a picture. The pattern has been fun and I've been thinking about all the horizontal design possibilities it opens up, i.e. cables around the leg.

The good times ended this morning when we woke up to this:

Good morning 2

That crane is taking that entire tree (what you see is only part of it) and putting into that wood chipper. It. Was. Loud.

18 June 2007


Sidewinder In Progress

I started the Sidewinder socks a few days ago. Here's my progress so far.
(Actually I have less progress because I had to frofg it to the beginning of the second heel shaping but it's close.)

16 June 2007

Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to the other Emily!
The pattern can be found here (pdf).

13 June 2007

2 FO and 1 new WIP

I haven't knit in a couple of days and it's killing me. Seriously, I dont want to update the bog right now because I just picked out my next pattern and I am itching to knit a gauge swatch.
My next project will be Nona's Sidewinders socks, knit in ONline supersocke 100, color 930.

I also finished my Jaywalkers and Elah's Flame Wave socks and I've been putting a ton of info into Ravelry. Now, without further ado, FO pictures! (I know what you come for.)

Pattern: Jaywalker (as if you had to ask) by Grumperina
Yarn: 2 skeins, Yarntini
Color: Pure Breeze
Source: PureKnits
Needles: Inox Grey US 1 crics
Time to complete: Excellent question. I think about 2 weeks.
Details: What can I say, I loved this pattern and I will be knitting it again.

Finished Flame Wave Socks 3
Finished Flame Wave Socks 2
Finished Flame Wave Socks 1
Pattern: Flame Wave by Ann Budd
Yarn: 2 balls, Cascade Fixation I ran out of yarn at the very end of the second toe, see the tiny bit o'green?
Color: 9903
Source: Jess B
Needles: US4 & US5 bamboo DPNs
Time to complete: Excellent question. I think 8 days.
Details: Elah loves these! If I were to knit a pair for myself I'd probably move down a needle size because I like a tighter fabric. Of course that means I'd have to rework the pattern a bit which means I probably won't knit a pair for myself. I love the use of needle size to increase the diameter of the sock further up on the leg, ingenious!

On a Ravelry note, my pic of Elah in her Cloche du Bois was chosen for the pattern page! It makes me more excited than it should but whatyagonnado? Sorry your pic didn't get chosen Ron...

Yoda and Princess Leia

Yoda and Princess Leia
Originally uploaded by Angry Angel.

You should go check out all of Angry Angel's stuff; it was hard for me to pick which one to blog. Ultimately I chose this one for Tha Otha Emily aka StoneSpence.

12 June 2007

Summer of Socks 2007

The Summer of Socks is fast approaching and it's time for me to do some planning. Following is my sock queue. The summer of socks runs from summer solstice to the autumnal equinox and while I have 8 pair of socks on my list, I don't anticipate knitting them all in 3 months. But just in case...

Summer of Socks 2007

1. Cable Twist socks by Adrian Bizilia (free)
2. Go With the Flow socks by Evelyn A Clark
3. Anastasia socks by MintyFresh (free)
4. Monkey by Cookie A. (free)
5. Leyburn socks by MintyFresh (free)
6. Marigold socks by Pamela Wynne (free)
7. Bed Sock in Lemon Pattern by Nancy Bush
8. A pattern of my own design currently named Fable sock

Come on June 21!

07 June 2007


I have to stop playing around in here and go to bed.