22 September 2008


Lake Pleiad 2

Happy first day of fall! The air is brisk and I want to knit sweaters. Following are the 4 projects I'd like to complete this season.

  1. Baby Cables Rav Flickr
  2. Button Me Up Rav Web
  3. Something like this for my daughter Rav Flickr
  4. Something with a boat neck for me (any pattern suggestions?)
What do you have planned for this season's knitting?

16 September 2008

Finally, a Finished Object.

Pattern: Cabled Coffee Cuff (I can only find the pattern on Ravelry, contact me if you can't get your hands on the pattern.)
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino (left over from these socks)
Color: Brights
Needles: US 1
Time to knit: 3 days
Ravelry link

This was a super quick knit and fun to boot. It was the perfect project to get me excited about knitting again and the gears are turning.