14 October 2007

Beantown Love

First a knitting update. Drunken Bees have been frogged back to the ribbing; a small set back but I'm still feeling good about them. CPH only needs the sleeves and buttons sewn on! If I can get enough homework done then I'll try to finish it tonight.

Now on to Boston.
I drove down on Friday and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Mrs. & Mr. Hello Yarn (and Shambles). I had a great time with Adrian and Mark, ate some delicious food, did a little bit of knitting and just had a good old-fashioned visit. It was awesome.

The next morning, Saturday, Adrian treated me to some yummy coffee, I marveled at all the fiber-y goodness in her home and then it was off to meet Siòbhan at Darkwave. 5 1/2 hours later I was on my way back home with the outline of a bad ass knitting tattoo.
Give a Hoot
Siòbhan is awesome and I was totally blown away by the design she created with very little guidance from me. I am so excited to go back.