06 November 2007

Clever Title

I finally finished the sock for my single sock swap partner! Pardon the terrible lighting, it was late and we only have about 5 minutes of sun anyway.
Pattern: Rococo Socks
Yarn: Regia Silk 4-ply
Color: 0010
Needles: US1 DPN
Time to complete: 5 days

I love the yarn, it held up well to multiple froggings and was a Child's Silk Sock, Drunken Bee and finally, a Rococo Sock. I also love the pattern and will definitely be making a pair for myself.
You're supposed to repeat the 4 row cuff pattern 3 times but I excluded the last k2, p2 row and bound off because I was running out of yarn. That little bit of yarn you see in the pic was all I had left. I knit 8 pattern repeats on the foot and the leg of the sock. I used a US5 to bind off.

I also included a GoKnit Pouch and a set of US1 rosewood DPN. I hope the sock fits and she likes everything.

I've also been doing some mobile photoblogging. I like that I can take pictures of something that I think is funny or interesting and send it to flickr via my phone. Awesome.

$5.00 Meds
Wow Papa John's is going to be my new pharmacy.

Certain Death
Biker in front of me at the natual foods store.

In tattoo news I'm getting some more in on the 17th!