08 November 2007

Minty Fresh Feet

There are more pictures here.

Thank you, Minty! Today I popped down to the post to find a package from Minty of pepperknit.com. Inside I found a Falling Leaves sock knit with Claudia Handpainted in dark green that fits like a dream. Seriously, I've been walking around the house wearing one sock for about 2 hours.
I also found pattern notes which I greatly appreciate because I know the pattern had to be resized for my ginormous foot. I love the changes she made, especially the meandering trail of knits between the purls! And did you see that star toe? Gorgeous.
Hmmm, what else? Lovely notecards with scarf patters on them, tea, bee and flower soap (I love bee and flower) and copious amounts of chocolate.
I love everything in this little box! I have to go cast on now, I have another sock to knit.
Minty: flickr, Ravelry, blog