10 July 2007


I had a busy weekend.
Let's start with Thursday. So at 11:30 Thursday night I realized that Friday was Georgia's last day at work and I had no knitted gift. For shame!
I cast on with the hand dyed Lamb's Pride and got to knittin'. I had to frog twice and by lunch time I was knitting so fast I actually broke a sweat but it was done by 1 and Georgia loves it.
The hat is based on the Cloche Du Bois pattern.

I got a lot of knitting done this weekend but didn't manage to take any pictures so today I had to try and grab some pictures after work but before this hit...
July 9 2007.png

Saturday I bought some Plymouth Encore (machine washable!) for Casey's Coat from SnB Nation.
Elah picked the colors and we are knitting it together for the Bad Grandma's new dog, Lily. Hopefully it fits; we enlisted Elah's dad and stepmom to do some stealth measuring.

All weekend I continued to knit my Cable Twist Socks from hello yarn and I finished then Sunday night!
Ack! The legs, they blind me!

Yarn: 1 skein, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock
Color: Loden
Source: Linda's Store
Needles: Inox Grey US 1 crics
Date Started: 21 June 2007
Date Finished: 8 July 2007
Details: Remember when I decided to mirror the stitch pattern on the second sock? I'm really happy I did; I love them!

Sunday we had out Knit and Natter over at Viva Espresso and we had a new knitter come hang with us. Always exciting. Her Jitterbug sock was beautiful!

And finally, today I cast on for Marigold. I didn't get a lot done because I wasn't feeling well but I am very excited. (Yes, I know I need to cut my nails.)
I cast on for the 72 st sock but I think that I may need to go down to the 68. Instead of a short row toe, I did a Turkish Cast On of 20 sts, increasing every row with M1R and M1L* until I reached 36 sts and the increased every other row using the same method until I reached 72 sts. This more closely mimics a traditional wedge toe.

A note to my Sock It To Me pal, I'm working on your additional questions. They are very thorough and thoughtful; thank you.

*I remember the difference between M1R and M1L because the M1R picks up from the Rear. When you knit that stitch if it feels really loose then you're knitting into the wrong spot (front or back). Easy peasy.