01 July 2007

Sunday Afternoon

Just a reminder, we will be getting together for a little Knit & Natter at Viva Espresso from 2:30-4 today.

One Cable Twist Sock is done and I've started the second one.
Cable Twist Sock #1
I'm finding that with the pattern reversed, the twist is tighter and I need to use a spare needle to do the cable. I know that there are other ways to cable without a needle but I'm afraid to drop my slippery sock yarn so I'm going the safe route.

Aija has been doing an Etsy Friday and while it's not Friday, I figured I'd share some of my Etsy purchases with you.
Etsy Purchases
1. Nerd Necklace, 2. Knitty, knitty, 3. Even superheroes need a break, 4. Owl Cards

And while you're getting sucked into the black hole that is Etsy, go check The Other Emily's new store! Ocho is my fave.