26 July 2007


Originally uploaded by Dr. Amy Jones.

My shoulder hurts so I haven't knit all week. :( It actually hurts so much I'm thinking about switching to continental knitting (if I'm patient enough to learn it).

So, since I don't have anything good (or anything at all) to show you why don't you check out this stuff.

Lolly is this many and she is making awesome mittens.

Pam is taking the news of her missing dissertation with so much grace and humor it amazes me. I wouldn't be hanging with awesome Philly knitters; I would be on the floor, drunk and probably crying.

I love Adrian's skirt! And I love this bear.

Hey, what gives? Is there some sort of cute couple contest I don't know about?

And finally, check out Veronique's socks in progress, Little Purl of the Orient's finished monkeys and Sandra's Bloody Mary socks.

OK, that's it. Hopefully I have some of my own knitting to show you soon.