18 July 2007

The Bee

I almost shot coffee out of my nose at work today. Why? Because of Alicia's description of her younger cat. Maybe you had to be there but I have a feeling that anyone who's ever had a cat (or a squirrel) will love it.

That said, the Bee is unlike any cat I've ever met. She has more in common with a...squirrel...I'd say, than those of her own species. A few mornings ago, I was sleeping in. Everyone else was downstairs, and suddenly I felt the Bee alight on the bed. Five or six times she walked up and down the length of my (top-sheet-only covered) body, and when I say "walked" it was more like . . . a drunken goblin doing a firewalk, all fast and wobbly. Back and forth, back and forth.

*Edit Speaking of cats, I totally want to buy a CatCam™ for Luca so I can see what he does all day. (via)