22 June 2007

What Up?

It's too late for me to come up with clever post titles.
Thursday I was at day one of the annual VASFAA conference. I know it doesn't sound very exciting to most of you but I was really engaged by one of the presenters, Mark Greenfield (from the University at Buffalo). He has some very interesting ideas about technology, millennial students and how that technology can be used to advance the business of higher education and serve the needs of our students. Parts of what he said reminded me of Pam Cox-Otto. Needles to say Greefield got me all fired up and I was texting people to tell them about it before I even left the first presentation.

The conference was held at Killington and it was beautiful. Some people from our office stayed over night to attend day two and while the "DJ and dance lessons" at 7:30 didn't sound like my cup of tea, I would have loved to stay. Next year.

Here's a picture of the mountain from the parking lot of the hotel.

Click to make it bigger.

On the way home I stopped just outside Bethel to go here:

And ordered some ice cream (real ice cream, not soft serve).
I wonder what's in a clam boat...

I thought about stopping at the Sap Shack...

for some maple syrup...
but I thought better of it.

When I go home I found this in my mail box!

It's the yarn I ordered from The Knittery!
The Knittery merino/cashmere sock yarn
It's a cashmere, merino, nylon blend originally intended for Nancy Bush's Bed Socks but I'm having second thoughts about the pattern. We'll see what happens.

The Cable Twist socks are coming along nicely and I should have an update for you this weekend as well as a hillarious photo we took at Excellent Nails by Trang.