13 June 2007

2 FO and 1 new WIP

I haven't knit in a couple of days and it's killing me. Seriously, I dont want to update the bog right now because I just picked out my next pattern and I am itching to knit a gauge swatch.
My next project will be Nona's Sidewinders socks, knit in ONline supersocke 100, color 930.

I also finished my Jaywalkers and Elah's Flame Wave socks and I've been putting a ton of info into Ravelry. Now, without further ado, FO pictures! (I know what you come for.)

Pattern: Jaywalker (as if you had to ask) by Grumperina
Yarn: 2 skeins, Yarntini
Color: Pure Breeze
Source: PureKnits
Needles: Inox Grey US 1 crics
Time to complete: Excellent question. I think about 2 weeks.
Details: What can I say, I loved this pattern and I will be knitting it again.

Finished Flame Wave Socks 3
Finished Flame Wave Socks 2
Finished Flame Wave Socks 1
Pattern: Flame Wave by Ann Budd
Yarn: 2 balls, Cascade Fixation I ran out of yarn at the very end of the second toe, see the tiny bit o'green?
Color: 9903
Source: Jess B
Needles: US4 & US5 bamboo DPNs
Time to complete: Excellent question. I think 8 days.
Details: Elah loves these! If I were to knit a pair for myself I'd probably move down a needle size because I like a tighter fabric. Of course that means I'd have to rework the pattern a bit which means I probably won't knit a pair for myself. I love the use of needle size to increase the diameter of the sock further up on the leg, ingenious!

On a Ravelry note, my pic of Elah in her Cloche du Bois was chosen for the pattern page! It makes me more excited than it should but whatyagonnado? Sorry your pic didn't get chosen Ron...