24 June 2007

Dudes Love The Nail Salon

Case in point:

We got our nails done on Friday, a special occasion since it was Elah's first manicure.
Who us?
She picked her own colors and everything.

In actual knitting news, I am about to embark on a dyeing expedition.
I'll be using the dyes and yarn (and dye kit from hello yarn) to make my own colorway for the Marigold Socks. Wish me luck!

Also, a coworker had a sweater at work hat I love. Very simple but with an interesting
stitch pattern in a couple of places. I took a pic because I wanted to look at the stictches but unfortunately, I am not good and discerning such info from a picture.
Anyone know what's going on here? You can see the whole sweater here.

I'm trucking right along on the Cable Twist socks and should will have a picture later, after I take the time to pull it off my camera. Maybe I'll even have some yarn to show you.