20 June 2007

Tuesday Was a Good Day

I took Tuesday off to hang with my family. It was bloody hot outside but we had a good time. Elah and I went out to breakfast and then ran to the grocery store. Next we went to the park and Grayson came along. We don't see him nearly enough; he's sleeping when we get up in the morning, gone by the time we get home and we're in bed buy the time he gets home at night. He leaves for UNCG on August 14 so I've been trying to spend time with him as often as I can.


We ran into my mom at the playground because she was doing a plumbing job at the school and my step mom who was dropping my mom off after lunch so we had a little impromptu family gathering. Playing at the park when it's so hot works up a sweat so we stopped by the corner store to grab a bag of ice and went home to enjoy some iced Red Zinger tea.

Next Elah and I went through all our clothes and ended up with 3 kitchen trash bags and a large box of clothes we took to Salvation Army. Elah normally doesn't like to part with anything whether it's broken or doesn't fit or whatever but she did a great job. Later she told me she was trying to be generous.

For dinner I grilled chicken marinated in lemon juice, oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper. I also grilled corn on the cob and made potato salad. Elah helped me prepare the food and we pretended we were on our own show on Food Network. For dessert I made a peach galette.

Finally, after dinner and after Elah was in bed I got some time to knit. This picture is from Tuesday morning.

1st Sidewinder, fillet

The first sock is now done and I brought my camera to work today to take a picture. The pattern has been fun and I've been thinking about all the horizontal design possibilities it opens up, i.e. cables around the leg.

The good times ended this morning when we woke up to this:

Good morning 2

That crane is taking that entire tree (what you see is only part of it) and putting into that wood chipper. It. Was. Loud.