27 January 2006

Step Afrika!

Elah and I are going to see Step Afrika! tonight at Ira Allen Chapel. I'm very excited; the day before I found out about the show I was telling a woman at work that the 2 things I miss most about living in the south are step shows and good marching bands. Yay!
As long as I can make it to 7 I'll be alright. I gave blood last night which always makes me tired but more so this time because it was at the tail end of a VERY busy work week. But I know once I hear that stomp my blood (what I have left) will get pumping and I'll be alright. I think Elah will love it too being the Tappy McTapperson, percussive addict that she is.
Show's at 7, doors open at 6:30 and there's no charge.