20 January 2006

I Love This Place

So you remember how I was trying to bust my stash and not buy any more yarn? Yeah right. Last night I was poking around the internets and found this free pattern on Elann. Normally I don't like their patterns but this one intrigued me and I decided that I must make it. The pattern calls for 2 different colors of a discontinued yarn so I bought one color I liked at Elann and then did a Google search for some more in colors others than those on Elann.

Enter Knot Another Hat. Not only did Knot Another Hat have the yarn I wanted but they had it at a very competitive price and only 7 skeins left! The pattern only called for 6 of each color but I like to get an extra just in case. Unfortunately, 9 minutes after I placed my order I got an email from Sarah, the owner, reporting that some skeins were missing from the back and she only had 4 available. Some further searching turned up one more but it still wasn't enough for my pattern. Not only did she do some more searching when she got to work this morning (I said I could probably squeak by if she found 1 more), but she emailed me all throughout the process to keep me updated.

She never did find the missing skeins and refunded my money immediately. I will definitely be returning to the online store. I only wish the women at our local stores were this friendly and helpful.