02 September 2005

We've heard from the bulk of my family and they've successfully made it to my aunt's house in Texas. I'm relieved and happy they're safe but also feeling extremely helpless and frustrated. I thought I was doing alright until I read DanZ's post at candleblog. This quote: The woman sobbed into the camera: "Don't think 'black', don't think 'poor', think 'trapped' ... think 'desperate'!" did me in, I started crying at work and had to take a minute.

What do we do? People at work are taking supplies to be shipped down and at CCV we're trying to collect $30,000 by next Friday. People have been really supportive. I'm totally overwhelmed and exhausted and then I feel like a selfish clod for being so.

My plan tonight is to go home and snuggle with my daughter. It will do her some good too, my 8 weeks were up yesterday and I took Elah with me to donate blood. We ended up being there for 2 hours and she was very patient and sweet. She could use a little relaxing down time.