05 September 2005

Are You Serious?

"Despite this overdependence on Gulf Coast oil, Congress has thus far failed to open other regions of the country to new oil drilling, most notably the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the coast of California." Link
The new justification for drilling in the Arctic? Katrina. The excerpt is from the Human Events Weekly Wrap Up email I get. Before you start, yes I know it's a conservative right-wing organization and yes I intended to get the email regularly - you can't fight something about which you know nothing.
I probably shouldn't be surprised by this new argument for drilling in the arctic but I am. It seems so opportunistic - "Look people are freaked out, sad, overwhelmed and feeling helpless! Let's tell them that drilling in the Arcitc will be doing something positive for their country and all the victims of Katrina. See, they're not helpless." I know I'm over simplifying and that both sides of the aisle are opportunistic but this one just gets my goat (is that how that saying goes?).
Enough bitching for one Monday morning; I don't have to work and I'm going swimming! *brrrr*