29 September 2005

Damn You iTunes!

Well, I just did some more impulse shopping at iTunes.

Purchased Songs:
Biochemical Equation - MF Doom, RZA & Think Different iTunes
I Hope (Katrina Charity Version) - Dixie Chicks iTunes

Purchased Albums (I know I just dated myself):
Third Degree / Confidence / Global Dynamics EP - Dilated Peoples iTunes
Schla Demos - The Schla La Las iTunes
Essentially Naked - Bif Naked iTunes Amazon
Over and Over - The 88 iTunes Amazon

And this is after I took stuff out of my cart! I still really want to go back and get the Roadrunner Records 25th (iTunes) but I'm trying to pretend like a have a modicum of self control.

Ever notice how my posts seem to get more and more links when I'm supposed to be doing my homework? At least I locked my knitting in my trunk so I couldn't get to it.