27 July 2006

To The Point

Grumperina posted about the possibility of Addis with pointier tips! Can you imagine, they would be the perfect needles. Read all about it here.

Following is the email I sent.

July 27, 2006
Subject: Pointier Addis

Dear Ms. Skacel Haack,

I’m sure that since the possibility of Addis with pointier tips has been put out into the blogosphere (thanks to Kathy aka Grumperina), you’ll be getting many letters like mine. I do not knit lace, though the idea is appealing, but do knit many socks and love cables, and often find myself wishing I had pointier needles.

I love Addis. Their lightening quick finish (some may even say Turbo), superior join and soft, fluid cable make them an ideal choice. Unfortunately, I often find myself knitting with Inox simply because they have the sharper tip that I desire. Should Addi come out with a line of needles with a pointier tip but like the Turbo in every other way, I would gladly and joyfully replace all my non-Addi circulars.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

Burlington, VT