14 July 2006

It Takes A Village

I am finally done with both of the Baby's First Tattoo sweaters. They both knit up quickly but then sat around my house, in pieces, waiting to be seamed. Enter Jessica to the rescue who graciously agreed to take both sweaters home with her and seam them. When they came home all I had to do was pick up the collar stitches, kit the collar and seam that last 1/4 inch or so at the top. Awesome! As a thank you gift I got Jess some wooden US1 Blue Sky Alpacas DPNs is a beautiful tin (They're new so they're not on the web page yet). They're perfect for all her sock knitting.

The green one went to my landlord; he and his wife recently adopted a baby from Guatemala. The pink one has been sent to the woman who was Chair of College Council when I was Chair-Elect. Coincidentally her daughter's name is Rowan.

Pattern: Baby First Tattoo Sweater from SnB Nation
Yarn: Rowan 4-Ply Soft 100% Merino
Colors: 388 Military & 367 Leafy (green), 389 Expresso & 377 Wink (pink)
Source: Yarn Market
Needles: Inox Pearl Grey, US2 circ (pink), Addi Turbo, US3 circ (green)
Size: Child's 18 mo.
Started: April?, 2006
Finished: July 13, 2006

I have to apologize for the poor quality of the seam pic, I forgot to take pictures of Jessica's beautiful seams before I sent the sweaters out so I had to take a picture on the fly with my phone.

Knit up the yarn is lovely, soft & squishy, and I love the stitch definition. Unfortunately when I was knitting the 4 plies felt cordy running through my fingers and the yarn sometimes hurt. I'm happy that the finished garment doesn't show any signs or retain any of the discomfort felt while knitting.

Technically these two sweaters are my first completed sweaters. The pink one, which I finished first is a little wonky around the collar and there are some bits on the green one I'd like to do better the next time around but all in all I'm happy with them.