19 December 2005

Solstice Revisited

Solstice was great! My mom ended up opening her one glove on Saturday night, Solstice Eve, and I managed to finished the other glove by Sunday night. The best gift I got was a gift certificate for a deep tissue massage. I really, really want to go get it as soon as possible but I'm trying to wait until after registration and the first week of classes since I'll probably really need it then.

Elah was worried that she wouldn't get what she wished for because she told her wish. Imagine her surprise when, on Solstice morning, she found a golden headband, dress, gloves and slippers; exactly what she had wished for. That Good Witch of the North sure knows her stuff.

The best part was getting to spend the night at my moms' with Elah and my sister, Sunshine. We get to do it all over again with Sunshine, my dad and my brother, Allan, on Christmas Eve. I won't lie, the presents are great but I love being able to spend some quiet time with my family, that's the best part.