11 December 2007

Central Park Hoodie

CPH is finally done! (and it only took a year)

I took this pic with my phone, there will be better pictures soon.

This is my first complete adult sweater and I love it. Seriously, it is so fucking awesome I may never take it off. Now, that being said, I may never make another sweater like this. I HATE the sewing up bit and quite frankly I'm not really that good at it. I do try to look at it as a way to better showcase my knitting, blah, blah, it doesn't matter.

The details:
Yarn: Jo Sharp Silk Road DK
Needles: US 5 and US 7 (I think)
Time to knit: a year!
Mods: I substituted a different yarn which also meant I had to change needles to get gauge. I did a single cable up each sleeve rather than a double which I felt would be too bulky.

My favorite part? Check out these awesome buttons! These are handmade by a local man named Francis who got the idea after his wife asked him to make some buttons for one of her projects. I bought mine here but I've also seen them here.