16 August 2007

Thank Goodness!

Via Blatantly taken from Candleblog.

Knitting blogger, archaeologist and friend of Candleblog, Dearest Cupcake, is in Ayacucho, Peru this month doing some sort of smarty-pants work associated with her dissertation that I don't understand but that sounds fascinating. Yesterday, an 8.0 earthquake hit the Lima area, killing a bunch of people and wounding many more. Fortunately, our cupcake was unharmed in the event. There was a brief flurry of concerned emails and blog comments last night, but this morning friends got the word from Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake (her parents) that she's a-okay. Whew! We anxiously await her next post from the area.

*Update Reba left me a message and said that Amy's mom and dad haven't heard from her since the afterschocker last night so they're hoping Amy is still OK.

**Update #2 Dearest Cupcake is indeed safe and even managed to post on her blog.