20 August 2006

It Was This Big...

Dear Anonymous Designer,

I know you mean well. I was so excited when I saw the beautiful cabled sweater pattern on your blog. The cables were brilliant, the neckline oh so flattering. I know, from you picture, that you are more petite than I but I also saw that you pattern went up to an XL.

Imagine my disappointment when I opened the pattern I'd purchased and found that the XL bust size was a measly 39 inches. It's true that 39 inches is indeed a large bust line but it is not enough for an XL and now I must rework all the math in your lovely pattern if I am ever to wear it.

Please, please, please look at some standard size charts before you make your next pattern; I recommend Annie Modesitt's or the one at yarnstandards.com.

Thank you,

Note: While writing this I did have one particular designer in mind but in actuality it could be any number of well meaning designers out there who just have no concept of what it is like to go through life without being able to see your toes.