29 August 2006

The Big Reveal

Yesterday I received the final package from my Secret Pal. I was amazed at the plethora of great gifts and totally stunned that she managed to be such a great pal through a very chaotic summer.

Without further ado:

Look, not only did she wrap everything (just like Solstice!), she even matched the tissue paper to the card - amazing.

Lemon parsley anti-bacterial hand gel and lavender mint hand lotion.

Mmmm, hot cocoa mix, perfect for these rainy days we've been having.

I think the only material thing I love more than shoes is yarn; this notepad is perfect.

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds (already hidden from my daughter) and strawberry Pocky (which I will share).

Caffeine, my drug of choice.

Little Savory Bites crackers - these are already gone.

And last but certainly not least, 320 yards of beautiful orange yarn hand spun by my Secret Pal especially for me! I am so touched that someone would take the time to do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Finally, I know you're all asking who the fantabulous SP is............it's Carla from My Little Tribe. Stop by her blog and say hello, get a good dose of liberal activism and learn how to make yogurt.

Thank you again, Carla, I love everything.

In other knitting news I've been working on Scatter and will post a progress shot soon. I'm a little worried that I might not have enough yarn but I always worry about that so I am choosing to trust the designer. I didn't work on it yesterday but pick it up every chance I get and just reached the neck shaping.