20 June 2006


The knitting blogosphere has been pretty quite lately. I chalk it up to summer time; we're all spending more time outside and less time in front of the computer, plus those of us with children have kids who are home more and need to be shuttled around from a friend's house to summer camp to driving you crazy.

The bonus of summer? Items you block dry in about 3 seconds because it's 90° in your house and all the fans are on.

It's the Baby's First Tattoo sweater from SnB Nation. When I knit the first one I used intarsia for the swallows but I am going to sew the skulls on this one. Now all I have to do it sew it together (and the first one I knit). I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend. By the way I decided to use a bulletin board because with a 5-year-old, a 20-year-old and 2 cats in my house I have very little safe horizontal space. I got the board for free by posting a message to my local freecycle board.