29 November 2005

It's Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas

Elah and I got our first ever holiday tree this past Sunday. I never got one before because I figured we didn't need it because we were never home; Solstice with my mom and Christmas Eve and Christmas split between my dad and Elah's dad. I realized that we still had to decorate when Elah started telling people that we didn't celebrate the holidays.

So we go get the tree and I spend a ridiculous amount of money on lights and decorations and I think we're all set but then realized that we needed a tree topper. I discussed it with Elah and she told me she wanted an angel. Now I know the holiday is about her, that's why we have multi lights instead of white and most of our decorations are pink but angels just aren't my thing. I told Elah that I thought we could get a star; my reasoning being that even though I knew she really liked angels I didn't like them so much and I knew that we both liked stars. And isn't the tree really for both of us? Elah agreed that was a good idea and we set out to find a star for the top of our tree.

Guess what. Apparently angels have cornered the market on tree toppers, I couldn't find a star to save my life. It just so happens that I got a Pottery Barn catalog the same day and they had a beautiful crystal snowflake tree topper but I know Elah was looking for instant gratification. We finally found an angel that was a little more stylized and not so angely. I leapt at the opportunity and told Elah it was the Good Witch of the North (she brings our Solstice gifts). Moral of the story? Apparently there's always an angel hovering over you whether you want one or not.