29 July 2005

Six In One, Half A Dozen In The Other

I read a very interesting editorial in the 28 July Times Argus:

"Because of the Roe decision, states have not been allowed to ban abortions or even to restrict it except in narrowly tailored ways. If Roe were reversed, there would be a rush in many state legislatures to pass laws banning abortion. Republicans would assume the role of moral crusaders, campaigning to take rights away from women, and many women would be driven away from the Republican Party as a result. Democrats would lead the charge in defense of women's rights."

Read more here.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Is it worth giving up the right to choose to get the moral majority out of power positions? Who's to say that rights would be left up to states at all; it's possible that not only would Roe be overturned but that a federal ban would be enacted. On the other hand women of my generation have grown up with the right to choose and have come to expect it. This only breeds apathy and makes it much easier to overturn Roe without the outrage that should accompany such an action.