05 May 2005

Happy Dance

My classes are done, unh unh unh. I swear if I could River Dance I'd be doing it now. OK, maybe not but I at least feel like showing off my sweet dancing skills like a certain moon boot wearing Iowan of which I know. If I were a true nerd this is where I'd insert some robot dancing ASCII art.

I was also really excited to take the summer off and have no homework. That didn't last long, I signed up for two classes yesterday. But I don't have to write any papers for either of the classes and one is an entry level graphic design class - mostly Photoshop how to- and will be a cake walk. What exactly is a cake walk?

Elah is home from her dad's and I've been working on a Photoshopped going away present for Drew (I'll post a before and after when I'm done). I cannot wait for this weekend - not only do I get to Stitch 'n Bitch but Silk is coming to town and I haven't seen my little brother in a very long time.