17 April 2009

More Crochet and Giveaway Results

I think I finally settled on a pattern. I also decided to knit it out of cotton because even though it hurts my hands, it is machine washable and I was worried the worsted wool I have would be too think when doubled.

Scalloped in the sun

Pattern: Scalloped potholder Rav Web
Yarn: Elann Sonata
Hook: E, 3.5mm

I had to alter the pattern because I'm using a finer yarn than is called for but I wanted it to be big enough for the swap.

I started with 8 double crochet (1 ch 3 and 7 dc) rather than 12 because the petals were overlapping when I got to row 10 or so; it just wouldn't lay flat.
Also when I got to 4dc be dc between the fpdc I did this on the next row:
*2dc, 1 fpdc, repeat from *
This effectively double my original number of petals.

Edit: I also left off the row after the shells.

If this isn't clear drop me a line. knit.nerd [at] gmail [dot] com.

And finally, the winner of Crobots! knitXcore! I can't wait to see his finished robots. Thanks to everyone who left me some comment love.