25 November 2008

Yummy Tum Tum

This year on Thanksgiving it will be just S and myself. Friday we will grab the girls and go for a Thanksgiving/birthday (mine) dinner at my mom's but Thursday we are on our own.

I wanted to plan a meal that wouldn't feel too heavy but would also be somewhat special.

  • Panko crusted boneless pork chops with Tonkatsu dipping sauce recipe
  • Napa cabbage and rice vinegar salad recipe
  • Cauliflower gratin recipe
  • Cheese muffins recipe or gougères recipe (I haven't decided)
  • Cheesecake recipe

I am super excited for all this food. It's a perfect time to make the cheesecake because we can take the leftovers to my mom's and not stuff ourselves silly... (He doesn't know about the cheesecake. It's his favorite so I'm making it as a surprise.)

I'll also be roasting garlic to make mashed potatoes for the Friday dinner.