21 June 2008

Indian Food Update

Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions re: Indian food cookbooks. I bought Curried Favors and New Indian Home Cooking and am loving them both!

Prep is finally done!

I can't seem to stop making naan and I absolutely love the chicken vindaloo and the saag and, well, everything. I've been trying new recipes every Saturday and my beau, who loves Indian, really appreciates it. This weekend I planned the menu when I was hungry and ended up cooking for 2 hours... but it was worth it.

You'll have to forgive the quality, these are from my phone.
Tonight we had tomato and onion salad with yogurt, green beans thorem, potatoes with green bell pepper and shrimp with coconut milk which I served over rice. All of these recipes are from Curried Favors. Everything was delicious!