08 April 2008

Actual Knitting and a Small Velolution

Psssst, look, knitting! (Pardon the photo quality, my camera was out of batteries so these were taken with my phone.)

That's right, one whole complete sock. The pattern is Hedera by Cookie A, the yarn is Mama E (in saffron, I just love the color).

In other news I went to the bike shop on Sunday with the cutest boy ever and got a new bike!

There are 3 days a week (when I don't drive my daughter's carpool) that I can bike to work and in the summer I can bike every day. I'm excited to spend less on gas and more time outdoors. I also discovered that I am really out of shape so it's doubly good for me to get my ass on a bike.

Here's one last pic for you; new sock, new bike, old cat. :)