06 September 2006

Burn Your Bra

OK, so it's not a bra for Barbie nor Betty Boop. I'm knitting toe up socks with Regia Nation Fun. I don't know where I'll wear them; I must be having some kind of weird 1984 Rainbow Brite flashback. My original plan was to knit the 3 skeins I have until I ran out of yarn and hope it was enough for knee highs but Elah loves them so much I'll use 2 skeins for my ginormous feet and 1 skein for her.

School's started and my knitting is suffering but I hope to be done with these soon. In the mean time go check out the socks Jared just finished; I am totally in love (with the socks). Also go check out Cara, I'm pretty sure she's responsible for my knee high obsession.